The OLLO Alpha Shoe Box Concept

OLLO’s shoe boxes are the first physical brand encounter that our customers experience. The shoe box gives us an opportunity to engage our customer in the ethos and driving forces of OLLO, and give them sense of our desire for excellence, not just in our product, but in the details of everything we make to deliver a thoughtful experience to them.

The top and front of the box are a reflected drawing of how we envision a parkour and freerunning architect might design their office. The inside would be curated with light landing at angles to catch and cast your gaze to objects that delight and then further on to tranquil views. The outside would be a collection of integrated obstacles and challenges that might escape the eye of the uninitiated, but would be an urban playground for those whose minds draw lines up, over, down, and through every structure they encounter.

As we emerge from the most restive period that many of us have ever experienced. We wanted to engage our customers with a message that OLLO is ready to move with them again. We have been preparing something special for this moment. It’s time for OLLO to surge and time for our customers to again spread their wings. We chose this vintage French wallpaper as the background graphic to acknowledge the birthplace of parkour and to communicate a sense of timelessness. Beauty prevails, and always will. It’s time to fly.

And here it is. OLLO’s all-new Alpha. An incredible leap ahead for OLLO, designed and developed with our global athlete team, it hits all the right notes in performance and style. The great pause wreaked havoc on our timeline and forced us to slow down. In retrospect, this gave us more time to be critical of every detail of the new shoes we were developing, resulting in what we believe is the most highly considered and best finished product that OLLO has ever produced. This unusual time also caused us to be more introspective about the ‘why’ of OLLO. Why have we invested so much time and energy into a footwear brand that was so niche when we started? The answer is simple, we love a good challenge and love to create fun. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey,

The OLLO Crew

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