OLLO shoes are designed and developed to be lightweight, flexible and breathable for all day wearability. They are durable and provide great traction and grip in all environments. Every component used to build OLLO shoes has been highly considered. Our engineered upper materials are designed to meet the rigors of parkour, freerunning, ninja warrior and any obstacle that the city puts in your way. OLLO’s molded midsoles provide a high level of cushioning and maximize lateral force stability for precise maneuvering.  Our no-compromise outsole traction patterns and proprietary 0110 / HIGH GRIP rubber compound have been tested, tweaked, and tested again until meeting our teams demanding standards. Our VARIABLE IMPACT DENSITY insole is formulated to provide progressive shock absorption to keep your movements crisp and your joints safe. Finally, our one-piece uppers have minimal stitching to eliminate seams that can blow out or irritate your foot.

Our two all new styles, the Alpha and the Sapien X are entirely unique from each other, each offering a different experience of movement and style and both functioning at the highest levels of performance. We suspect you’ll end up owning both.


Our athlete’s input, suggestions and commitment to testing OLLO footwear, play a major role in the design and development of our shoes. We work with a global team of athletes and continue to learn from their evolving footwear needs. Through observation and interaction with them, we continuously improve our methods and technology. Just like with the design, development and testing of our first shoe in 2012, our athlete team has guided us on the development of our new shoes, the Alpha and the Sapien X.

The 0110 / HIGH GRIP Outsole

We know that you need to trust your grip. That’s why our 0110 / HIGH GRIP outsoles have been thoroughly developed from pattern layout to rubber compound. We meticulously design and test our outsoles to offer durability, flexibility and industry best grip. We work closely with materials experts to formulate rubber compounds that are ready to meet any challenge you subject your OLLO’s too.