Q.I live in Canada, what’s the best way to buy OLLO shoes?
A.Please shop directly at our Amazon Store where shipping costs are much cheaper than our online store – https://tinyurl.com/yy3fkajv

Q.Will I be charged tax or duty in Europe?
A. No. We ship from a warehouse in the Netherlands, duty paid. The price you see on the website includes tax and duty. (EU countries)

Q. Do OLLO’s run small?
A. OLLO’s fit true to size. We updated our sizing in January 2023.

Q. Why is shipping to the UK so expensive? How can I save on shipping cost?
A.  The implementation of new policies related to Brexit have driven up shipping costs 3X what they were previously from our warehouse in the Netherlands to the UK. We are currently working to bring costs down.

Q. Are OLLO shoes vegan?
Yes. OLLO shoes have been 100% vegan since we started making shoes 10 years ago.
Q. Do OLLO shoes have a warranty?
A.  Yes. We will replace your OLLO’s at no cost if they are defective or deemed to be of substandard quality by OLLO. Bottom line is that we want happy customers.