Joe and Jim Hougaard and their team at AAPK (Denmark), PKLA (US), and Jiho Kim and Hyungun You at KFPF (South Korea) were instrumental in the development of the Sapien. Their input, suggestions and commitment have played a major role in the cushioning, outsole pattern design and rubber compound combination of the final product. The Sapien is a no nonsense training shoe for the serious traceur, as well as those just getting started in the sport.

The 0110 / HIGH GRIP Outsole

We know that you need to trust your grip. That’s why the OLLO Sapien outsole has been thoroughly developed from pattern layout to rubber compound. We’ve meticulously designed and redesigned the outsole to offer durability, flexibility and grip. There is a wider toe wrap for more surface area on your toe edge, the grid pattern offers flexibility and durability where it’s needed most, while the micro texture pattern offers traction and extra finess

Chip Howes
CEO / Founder

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