“I can now say that the OLLO SapienX is the definitive ninja shoe that other brands will have to chase.”   -Sean Bryan @papalninja

OLLO x Michelin

In performance footwear, the question is often – high grip or durability? Working closely with Michelin for the past two years, we’ve developed a rubber compound that provides both incredible grip and superior durability. 

Engineered Mesh


The SapienX upper is made using a digital knitting process that allows us to engineer different ‘zones’ into the shoe. Where structure is needed the mesh gets tighter and where breathability is critical, the mesh is more open. This results in a highly stable, lightweight, and breathable shoe. This process also significantly reduces material waste in manufacturing. 

0110 Tactical Insole


The SapienX insole is made of supercritical foam. Nitrogen is exposed to high pressure and temperature conditions, surpassing its critical point and causing it to behave as both a liquid and a gas simultaneously. The supercritical fluid is then combined with our premium polymer, creating a foam with superior impact absorption, directional stability and enhanced energy return.

0110 Tactical Midsole


Our midsole is highly considered to address multiple performance challenges in a single unit. The foam thickness under your foot is thick enough to provide great impact properties while maintaining ‘ground feel’. The heel height is only 2mm higher than the forefoot for a natural stance that enhances balance, and protects your joints. The back of the midsole wraps your heel providing stability and incredible responsiveness.