Dom Tomato flying in OLLO Alpha’s!

Australian Red Bull and Team Farang athlete, Dom Tomato, is the most popular and most followed parkour athlete on the planet. He just returned from a month long trip to the UK where he trained with Britain’s best parkour and freerunning athletes. His shoes for the mission? The OLLO Alpha. When you perform at the level that Dom does, you need shoes that are up to the challenge. Have a look at Dom and his OLLO’s in action- (full screen, sound up for best experience)

Production has Begun!

After months of testing, feedback and tweaking, production of the OLLO’s all-new ALPHA has begun! We have been testing and promoting this style with some of the top Parkour athletes in the world and the excitement level surrounding the arrival of the ALPHA has us fired up! The ALPHA will start shipping to our customers, and investors, late July. The future is bright!

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Parkour and Freerunning Continue to Surge!

Newly reopened Betsy Head Park in Brooklyn is the first in NYC with a Parkour course. 

Brooklyn’s Betsy Head Park is now open to the public after a $30 million upgrade, which included the addition of the city’s first-ever Parkour course.

The upgrade of the 106-year-old park reimagines the two pieces of land that sit diagonally across Dumont Ave. to create a cohesive, inclusive and multi-generational green space.

In a press release, a spokesperson from Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP (ABB) Landscape Architects, who worked on the project with NYC Parks Department, said the vision was to provide a versatile experience for all ages and abilities, which met the current and changing needs of the community.

Meanwhile in France, the birthplace of Parkour- 

PLAYGONES, a playground equipment design and manufacturing firm, now offers ready to install Parkour and Freerunning parks to municipalities across Europe. These are exciting times for these emerging sports and the multitudes of participants who are engaged in them. 

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