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ALPHA Availability Update 1-

Global logistics has been in disarray due to the disruption caused by COVID. We are finally getting some tangible dates now, so that we can provide semi-accurate updates. 

EUROPE- The ALPHA has made it to port and cleared customs and is now headed to our warehouse in Rotterdam. The shipment is ESTIMATED to arrive at the warehouse on September 29 and it typically takes 7-9 days to load the shoes into the warehouse and inventory system. No promises here, but we may start shipping in Europe by October 8.

NORTH AMERICA – The ALPHA has made it to our port warehouse in California, but because we are using a new warehousing system in the US for the first time, we need to relabel each box of shoes to comply with the new system. This will take a couple weeks and then the shoes will ship to our central warehouse in Indiana. At that point it could take another week to 10 days to load the shoes into the warehouse and inventory system. Shipping date to customers is a bit difficult to pinpoint here, but we’re HOPING for a date between October 20 – 27. Please be aware that these dates could change.

Thank you all for your patience with us. It’s been quite a challenge but we know you’ll love the Alpha when you finally have a pair on your feet.


The ALPHA is On The Water!

With your faith, trust and support fueling us, the OLLO crew has carried the OLLO Alpha over the line. OLLO’s first all-new style in 5 years is on the water headed to our warehouses in Los Angeles and Rotterdam. As ocean transit lanes and ports are backed up, we can’t provide you an exact date when we will start shipping the Alpha to customers, but we’re getting close. We are so grateful to you and thrilled to bring inspired, high quality performance footwear to you soon. You’re going to love the Alpha! Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you!
The OLLO crew

Dom Tomato flying in OLLO Alpha’s!

Australian Red Bull and Team Farang athlete, Dom Tomato, is the most popular and most followed parkour athlete on the planet. He just returned from a month long trip to the UK where he trained with Britain’s best parkour and freerunning athletes. His shoes for the mission? The OLLO Alpha. When you perform at the level that Dom does, you need shoes that are up to the challenge. Have a look at Dom and his OLLO’s in action- (full screen, sound up for best experience)

The OLLO Alpha Shoe Box Concept

OLLO’s shoe boxes are the first physical brand encounter that our customers experience. The shoe box gives us an opportunity to engage our customer in the ethos and driving forces of OLLO, and give them sense of our desire for excellence, not just in our product, but in the details of everything we make to deliver a thoughtful experience to them.

The top and front of the box are a reflected drawing of how we envision a parkour and freerunning architect might design their office. The inside would be curated with light landing at angles to catch and cast your gaze to objects that delight and then further on to tranquil views. The outside would be a collection of integrated obstacles and challenges that might escape the eye of the uninitiated, but would be an urban playground for those whose minds draw lines up, over, down, and through every structure they encounter.

As we emerge from the most restive period that many of us have ever experienced. We wanted to engage our customers with a message that OLLO is ready to move with them again. We have been preparing something special for this moment. It’s time for OLLO to surge and time for our customers to again spread their wings. We chose this vintage French wallpaper as the background graphic to acknowledge the birthplace of parkour and to communicate a sense of timelessness. Beauty prevails, and always will. It’s time to fly.

And here it is. OLLO’s all-new Alpha. An incredible leap ahead for OLLO, designed and developed with our global athlete team, it hits all the right notes in performance and style. The great pause wreaked havoc on our timeline and forced us to slow down. In retrospect, this gave us more time to be critical of every detail of the new shoes we were developing, resulting in what we believe is the most highly considered and best finished product that OLLO has ever produced. This unusual time also caused us to be more introspective about the ‘why’ of OLLO. Why have we invested so much time and energy into a footwear brand that was so niche when we started? The answer is simple, we love a good challenge and love to create fun. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey,

The OLLO Crew

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Production has Begun!

After months of testing, feedback and tweaking, production of the OLLO’s all-new ALPHA has begun! We have been testing and promoting this style with some of the top Parkour athletes in the world and the excitement level surrounding the arrival of the ALPHA has us fired up! The ALPHA will start shipping to our customers, and investors, late July. The future is bright!

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Parkour and Freerunning Continue to Surge!

Newly reopened Betsy Head Park in Brooklyn is the first in NYC with a Parkour course. 

Brooklyn’s Betsy Head Park is now open to the public after a $30 million upgrade, which included the addition of the city’s first-ever Parkour course.

The upgrade of the 106-year-old park reimagines the two pieces of land that sit diagonally across Dumont Ave. to create a cohesive, inclusive and multi-generational green space.

In a press release, a spokesperson from Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP (ABB) Landscape Architects, who worked on the project with NYC Parks Department, said the vision was to provide a versatile experience for all ages and abilities, which met the current and changing needs of the community.

Meanwhile in France, the birthplace of Parkour- 

PLAYGONES, a playground equipment design and manufacturing firm, now offers ready to install Parkour and Freerunning parks to municipalities across Europe. These are exciting times for these emerging sports and the multitudes of participants who are engaged in them. 

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