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The Athlete and the Opera House

What an incredible video collaboration between Dom Tomato and Red Bull. Shot at the beautiful Sydney Opera House, designed in 1957 by a then relatively unknown 38 year old Danish architect, Jørn Utzon. It’s wonderful to see the continued elevation of parkour and freerunning through projects like this one. Oh, and we really like the sneakers too.

Every Component Considered

Every component used to build the ALPHA has been highly considered.

  • The ALPHA’s engineered upper materials are designed to endure any obstacle that the city puts in your way.
  • OLLO’s molded midsole provides a high level of cushioning and maximizes lateral force stability for precise maneuvering.  
  • Our no-compromise outsole traction patterns and proprietary 0110 / HIGH GRIP rubber compound have been tested and tweaked until meeting our athletes demanding standards.
  • The ALPHA’s Variable Impact Density insole is formulated to provide progressive shock absorption to keep your movements crisp and your joints safe.
  • Finally, our one-piece uppers have minimal stitching to eliminate seams that can blow out or irritate your foot.

Dom Tomato flying in OLLO Alpha’s!

Australian Red Bull and Team Farang athlete, Dom Tomato, is the most popular and most followed parkour athlete on the planet. He just returned from a month long trip to the UK where he trained with Britain’s best parkour and freerunning athletes. His shoes for the mission? The OLLO Alpha. When you perform at the level that Dom does, you need shoes that are up to the challenge. Have a look at Dom and his OLLO’s in action- (full screen, sound up for best experience)